diplodocus – first handshake in space

there is an ensemble of creatives of which I am a part, comprising the guitar and bass of Chris Finnigan and Bradley Barkley, the percussion and theremin of Lucy Leaf, words written and spoken by my self, and the beats / production mastery of Paul Heslin; that ensemble¬†works under the collective name Diplodocus. It is true that we share our name with one of the worst and most boring dinosaurs, but they are all dead and we are rolling along in good health (as of dec 2008), so I think it’s clear who takes precedence.

In November 2008, Paul Heslin relocated to London from the Australian Cancers and somehow, in between starving in train tunnels and being strangled by Jack the Ripper, mixed the recordings of our July-October sessions into a 5-track EP entitled first handshake in space.


first handshake in space is available for free download (20.6mb). Cover art by Bethany Heslin, track listing as follows:

1. singing love songs
2. windows open
3. very sick indeed
4. the bandaged king
5. threads from the sun