Network Play

Why not Network Play, the script based on my primitive grasp of Network Theory?

What is Network Play?

Network Play is a short work in which two characters take a taxi ride together and wind up somewhere unexpected.

How does Network Play work?

It’s divided into ten scenes, which can be performed more or less in any order. The scenes are analogous to ‘edges’ on a network graph. The audience helps decide the order, through a process of combining 5 nodes scattered around the performance space. There are a few scenes which can’t be accessed until the first few have been presented, but the degree to which it’s a free-flowing narrative is up to the specific performers.

What do I hope will happen to Network Play?

Ideally, I’d like you to download it, have a look at it, and then email me with a proposal for me to redevelop it for your specific needs. In the current state, it’s written for an ensemble of roughly four (three performers, one musician / sound artist). I think a new narrative and characters could easily be developed around the same concept, and I’d love to tackle this. If you or your cadre of theatre-folk feel an urge to take this on, let me know and we can talk.

Alternatively, if you want to use Network Play in its current state for a performance, knock yourself out. Send me an email and etc to let me know, and then go to fucking town.