22 short plays

Paul Blenheim, Conor Gallacher and Ellen Grimshaw in MKA’s production of 22 Short Plays, dir. Tobias Manderson-Galvin. Image by Sarah Walker.

Who here’s sick of plays that are longer than two pages? I know, I know. When I’m thinking about kicking back and checking out potential scripts for future productions, the last thing I want is to be drowned in a swamp of pages, words, lines, plots, characters… those things have their place, and their place is not here.

What is here is a collection of 22 short plays, written over 2006-09. And by short I mean, well, here is an example of what I mean:

1. commercial for jeans

Phil appears around the corner.

– Oh, hi John. What are you doing?

– I’m strangling a carnie.

– You’re strangling a carnie?

– Yes, I’m downstairs strangling a carnie.


Ellen Grimshaw in MKA’s production of 22 Short Plays, dir. Tobias Manderson-Galvin. Image by Sarah Walker..

To my way of thinking, any serious director / actors should be able to take that script and fill in the blanks themselves, without my going to the trouble of explaining exactly how it rolls out (or you having to read it). So, for your interest, if you’re interested, please feel free to download, read, and (if it’s of interest) to produce. Same rule as always: this stuff is all rights-free, so long as you give me a heads-up about any performances you may be planning.

Download 22 short plays by david finig.doc

22 Short Plays was first produced by MKA Richmond in June 2011, directed by Tobias Manderson-Galvin and featuring Paul Blenheim, Conor Gallacher and Ellen Grimshaw. For which much love.

So what’s included? The chapter listing is as follows:

1. commercial for jeans
2. cumgoblin
3. disease play
4. westpac atm
5. dune
6. teen prom movie
7. sad threesomes
8. let’s climb on each other’s shoulders
9. teenage girls on the railway platform
10. sitcom in three different time periods
11. slave market at the top of a ski lift
12. beowulf computer game
13. eats tapes
14. TV guide
15. communist anthem 1951
16. footprints: a parable of man and god
17. quarter snake
18. the cigarettes 1965
19. friction
20. ile and moondirt
21. preview for the island
22. coat made of eyes

this is a photo of me from 2006-09 recommending you download and perhaps read these plays.